Winners of the 2016 Pillars Wing Crawl

It was a finger lickin good evening!

Each year Pillars of Lakewood hosts the Wing Crawl on a Saturday in late August. 1,000 guests travel to 13 bars and restaurants and cast their votes in the categories of Buffalo and Open flavored wings. 

The Judges Panel casts their votes for the same two categories. This year’s judges included; Luke Purcell from Great Lakes Brewery, Tia Ewing and Samantha Roberts from Cleveland 19 News and CLE43, Mike Polk Jr, Greg Brinda from ESPN 850 WKNR, and Shannon Schur with The People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice results are calculated to determine the best overall performance. This contestant is then awarded the trophy for Overall winner and the Best Wings in Lakewood.

Coordinating an event of this magnitude can be complex and requires support from our contestants, sponsors, vendors and volunteers. We greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone involved particularly our title sponsor Great Lakes Brewery and our Pillars members, friends and family. This event was started on a whim 10 years ago and will continue to evolve. That whim has resulted in a strong following with guests traveling long distances and inviting others to attend. Making this a destination event was not the goal but is a tremendous outcome.  It is important to us to show appreciation for our fan’s loyalty and make it an easy choice to return each and every year.

Our focus for the upcoming year is the recruitment of Pillars of Lakewood members. Pillars is a non-profit organization which provides members the opportunities to build connections and launch projects like the Wing Crawl. Pillars encourages ideas which may be risky but could produce a significant reward. Pillars does this by providing the resources necessary for members to manage these projects and develop skills which they can then use in their professional lives.

Now, on to the winners. The 2016 Wing Crawl results were close and included evidence that there are some new contenders in the mix which will keep the pressure on everyone.

The winners of the individual categories are:

People's Choice

Winner in the individual category of


People's Choice

Winner in the individual category of OPEN FLAVOR 

forage public house

Judge's Choice

Winner in the Judge’s Choice category


Judge's Choice

Winner in the Judge’s Choice category of OPEN FLAVOR 

mid town booths tavern

The Overall Winner of Best Wings in Lakewood is:

Deagans 2Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar