Winners of the 2017 Pillars Wing Crawl

2017 Pillars Wing Crawl

People’s Choice

Every one of our 1,000 guests is able to cast a vote for their favorite wings based on any criteria they chose.  Ballots have been tabulated for the Buffalo flavor and Open Flavor categories.

The winners are: 

Game On – People’s Choice Buffalo Flavor

Around the Corner – People’s Choice Open Flavor (Black Pepper Wings)

Judge’s Choice

Our Judges Panel selects their favorites.  Those selections are then scored and tabulated to determine the winner of the Judge’s Choice for both Buffalo flavor and Open Flavor categories.

This year’s winners are:

El Carnicero – Judge’s Choice Buffalo Flavor

Plank Road Tavern – Judge’s Choice Open Flavor (Coconut)

Overall Winner of the Best Wings in Lakewood

The overall winner is awarded to the contestant that has the best overall score, winning at least one category and performing well with both flavors as scored by the People and the Judges.

This year’s Overall Winner is;

Around the Corner

Overall Winner 2017